Synthesis Workshop :: San Francisco 2012


1:00 PM – Start

Knowledge Architecture’s Research and Technology Agendas
Christopher Parsons, Knowledge Architecture
Starting Small: Building a Great Project Directory
Marcy Good, Mithun
Getting People to Share, One Employee at a Time
Liza Gregory Bass, BAR Architects
Building Digital Habitats for Communities of Practice
Pardeep Jhutti, Degenkolb Engineers

2:30 PM – Break

Driving Adoption: User Groups, #Kudos, and Model Behavior
Teresa Abrahamsohn, TEECOM
The Executive Supermodel
Christopher Parsons, Knowledge Architecture
Transparency at Hanbury Evans
Christopher Parsons, Knowledge Architecture
Engaging the Leadership Team
Tim Rice, LMN Architects

4:00 PM – End


BAR Architects
543 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA

Wi-Fi and a large flat screen monitor will be provided. Bring your VPN-enabled laptop so you can share stories from your intranet.