Synthesis Workshop :: San Francisco 2016

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Thursday, May 12, 2016
8:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Greens Restaurant
San Francisco, CA


8:30 AM Breakfast & Networking
9:00 AM Susan_Strom_KA_Advance Welcome + Orientation
Susan Strom
Director of Client Success, Knowledge Architecture
9:30 AM Molly Wagner Engaging Leadership to Launch and Grow Our Intranet
Molly Wagner
Director of Communications, Dewberry
Lisa Cochran Lisa Cochran
Employee Engagement Specialist, Dewberry
10:30 AM Key Takeaways KA Connect Reflections + Key Takeaways
We’ll split into small groups to discuss key takeaways from KA Connect and how they relate to Intranet Management.
11:30 PM Christopher_Parsons_KA_Connect_2015 Synthesis Roadmap Overview & Discussion
Christopher Parsons
Founder and CEO, Knowledge Architecture
12:30 PM Lunch & Hangouts
1:15 PM Knowledge Share Breakouts
Attendees will gather in small groups for detailed conversations on a variety of Intranet and Knowledge Management topics. We encourage breakout attendees to not only talk about, but also show each other, relevant aspects of their firm’s Intranets. To facilitate this kind of sharing, please consider bringing a laptop or tablet through which you can access your firm’s Synthesis Intranet.
KA_Advance_Jim_Martin_80 Getting Employees to Ask Questions on Your Intranet
Jim Martin
Chief Information Officer, Shepley Bulfinch
Dan Vasquez Lessons and Recommendations for Launching a New Technical Community
Dan Vasquez
Production Manager and Training, SWA Group
Mark Schumacher Mark Schumacher
Information Management Specialist, SWA Group
Rhonda Lewis Advanced Synthesis :: Deltek Vision Integrations
Rhonda Lewis
CRM Systems Manager, Dewberry
Petra Knochenhauer Petra Knochenhauer
Marketing Director, Dewberry
Jennifer Faist The Role of a Knowledge Manager
Jennifer Faist
Director of Knowledge Management, Knowledge Architecture
2:30 PM Personal Reflection Time. (And Dessert.)
3:15 PM Panel Discussion on Critical Knowledge
Carla O’Dell, APQC CEO and KA Connect 2016 Speaker, writes that “the purpose of a Knowledge Management Strategy is to enable the knowledge flow process.” However, no organization can strategically facilitate the flow of all their knowledge. Therefore, a key question in developing an effective Knowledge Management Strategy is “what knowledge is most critical to the organization?”

A small team of KA Advance community members explored best practices related to Critical Knowledge with us in a reading group this spring. Join us for a panel discussion to discuss what we learned together.

Ryan Farias Ryan Farias
Director of Marketing, SMMA
KA_Advance_Sue_Marshall_80 Sue Marshall
Knowledge Manager, Jasmax
KA_Advance_Jim_Martin_80 Jim Martin
Chief Information Officer, Shepley Bulfinch
Pat Peyton Pat Peyton
Knowledge Manager, Mead & Hunt
Tim Rice Tim Rice
IT Director, LMN Architects
Molly Wagner Molly Wagner
Director of Communications, Dewberry
4:00 PM Wrap Up
5:00 PM GG_Bridge_KA_Advance Picnic in the Presidio
Join us for a picnic with other KA Advance community members at Off the Grid Twilight in the Presidio. The Main Post is considered to be the “heart of the Presidio,” surrounded by a complex of renovated military buildings, decommissioned cannons, and educational and artistic institutions. From this magnificent vantage point you’ll have a chance to soak in views of the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge while continuing conversations with new colleagues and old friends. (Weather Permitting)


Greens Restaurant
Fort Mason, Building A
San Francisco, CA 94123
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Synthesis Workshops are free of charge and limited to active clients of Knowledge Architecture.