Office Hours Recap :: November 2016

Office Hours is 45 minutes of news, stories, and Q+A with Susan, Chris, Zucu, and special guests from the KA Advance community.

This month’s Office Hours featured an introduction to the Essential Content Checklist and interviews with Pat Peyton (Mead & Hunt) and Molly Johnson Wagner (Dewberry) about how they’re using Synthesis to improve operational efficiency in their firms.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to 7:45 for an introduction to the Essential Content Checklist, 16:25 for Pat’s thoughts on how to use the checklist to improve IT and MarComm intranet content and 33:20 for Molly’s thoughts on using the checklist to support project management process reengineering.

1:40 Fall Synthesis Workshop Recap
3:00 Synthesis Workshop :: San Francisco and KA Connect Registration
4:10 Connect with Knowledge Architecture at Deltek Insight 2016
5:20 KA Advance LinkedIn Group Highlights
7:45 Introduction to the Essential Content Checklist
13:40 What are the different tabs on the Essential Content Checklist?
16:25 Welcome Pat Peyton, Knowledge Manager at Mead & Hunt
17:25 What were your first steps with the checklist?
18:15 Did you use the same process for Marketing and IT?
19:33 Who did you involve in the process?
21:00 What were some of the responses you got from IT and Marketing?
23:20 Now that you’ve been through the process twice, would you do anything differently?
24:45 How will you collaborate with the Marketing team on next steps?
25:40 How frequently do you want to do audits for these communities?
26:50 What action items came out of this process?
27:30 How much effort was required to audit both of these communities?
28:40 How did you keep track of emails, short interviews, and other info that was important to this process?
29:28 What was the end result? How did the checklist help Mead & Hunt streamline operations?
31:05 Did you involve end users in this process?
33:20 Welcome Molly Johnson Wagner, Director of Communications at Dewberry
34:45 Why was the Essential Content Checklist a high priority for you?
36:30 How did you get started with the checklist?
39:35 Where do you go from here?
43:30 What is your measure of success? How will you know if you’ve succeeded?
44:20 Are there other training programs that you’d like to support and improve using this process?

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