Office Hours Recap :: November 2015

Office Hours is 30 minutes of news, announcements, and Q+A with Susan and Chris. This month we were joined by Kathy Schumann from Mead & Hunt and Drew Wiberg from Eppstein Uhen Architects who shared their Fall 2015 Intranet Improvement Projects.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to 9:00 for Kathy’s thoughts on improving employee onboarding at Mead & Hunt and 13:10 for Drew’s thoughts on filling information gaps at Eppstein Uhen Architects.

1:50 Synthesis Mobile 3 for Android (Coming in December)

3:00 Synthesis 5.1 Update: Search Suggestions (Available December 1)

4:55 Upcoming KA Advance Events

6:15 KA Advance Events LinkedIn Group Highlights

9:00 Intranet Improvement Project: Employee Onboarding at Mead & Hunt

20:30 Do you think you’ll tackle “What does it mean to be a Mead & Hunter?” in the near term?

23:00 Intranet Improvement Project: Creating Relevant Content

35:30 How do you track information gaps that have already been filled and need to be filled in the future?

36:55 What is a good amount of information gaps to identify per week?

38:15 What version of SharePoint were you using?

39:50 What is next for your search log and query analysis?

Next Office Hours on January 21st

Registration is now open for the next KA Advance Office Hours on January 21st at 11 AM PST.

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