Office Hours Recap :: March 2017

Office Hours is 45 minutes of news, stories, and Q+A with Susan, Chris, Zucu, and special guests from the KA Advance community.

March 2017’s Office Hours featured a Synthesis Spotlight with Catherine Curtis and Hillary Schlehuber, marketing leaders and intranet champions for LochNet, Lochner’s Synthesis Intranet.

Last year Catherine and Hillary set out to make basic resources, like the IT Handbook and Paid Holiday Calendar, super easy for new employees to find. They launched the LochNet employee resource page twelve months ago and the results are in—new and existing employees love it!

In this webinar you’ll learn what they did, how they did it, and best practices that emerged through the process.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to two intranet tour highlights: Overview of the Employee Resources page (11:50) and Overview of the Marketing Team Manual page (24:00).

0:45 KA Connect 2017 Theme and Registration
1:40 Synthesis Workshop San Francisco and Knowledge Week Events
3:20 KA Advance LinkedIn Group Highlights
4:50 Introduction to Lochner, LochNet, Catherine Curtis, and Hillary Schlehuber
8:30 Why did you prioritize work related to new employee experience on LochNet?
10:30 The new employee experience, before the Employee Resources page
11:50 Overview of the Employee Resources page
14:30 Usage of the Employee Resources page
15:10 Who was involved in the curation of the Employee Resources?
17:45 Technical overview of the Employee Resources page, i.e. SharePoint configurations
20:18 Are your corporate departments organizing the resources the same way they did before?
21:11 How did you roll the Employee Resources page out to new employees?
22:35 How are you applying the learnings from the Employee Resources page project?
24:00 Overview of the Marketing Team Manual page
28:00 The Marketing Team Manual as a Training Resource
30:20 How do you use this tool in to train new marketing team members?
32:10 How big is the marketing team and how many people does this support?
34:15 What are you using to track usage statistics for these resource pages?
37:40 Do you use the Marketing Team Manual yourselves?
38:30 What have you learned through the process of building and using the Marketing Team Manual?
40:20 What’s next for LochNet?
45:00 Do you think you’ll take the same approach with the technical resources on LochNet?
46:15 Benefits on Engaging End Users in Planning Intranet Improvement

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