Office Hours Recap :: March 2016

Office Hours is 30 minutes of news, announcements, and Q+A with Susan and Chris. This month we were joined by HLW International’s Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Sarah Batchelor.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to 11:11 for an introduction to Sarah, followed by an introduction to HLW’s knowledge management ecosystem, a deep dive into the mechanics of HLW University, and an exploration of how HLW leverages Synthesis to make HLW University more successful.

0:50 Synthesis 5.2 Beta Announcement
2:00 KA Connect 2016 Conference: Building a Knowledge Management Program
3:33 Synthesis Workshop :: San Francisco Program Overview
11:11 Introducing Sarah Batchelor
12:55 Overview of the HLW Knowledge Management Ecosystem
15:07 How does HLW University fit into HLW’s Knowledge Management Ecosystem?
16:15 What Super Groups exist at HLW? What’s a Super Group?
16:55 Why did you want to reboot HLW University?
18:11 What courses does HLW University offer?
19:47 Was the course visioning session more about brainstorming topics that attendees wanted to teach, or was topics that would be nice to have taught?
21:18 Overview of the Smart Client Correspondence Business Development Course
22:45 How did you settle on each of the five course tracks for HLW University?
23:40 HLW University’s Role in Connecting HLW Employees
24:30 How long does it take to develop a course?
26:00 How are you measuring the success of the HLW University program?
26:45 How are you tracking attendance?
27:50 Using Synthesis to Publish HLW University Course Announcements
29:34 Have you experimented with the difference between you posting course announcements vs. the course speaker posting?
30:30 Using Synthesis for HLW University’s Course Calendar
31:40 How do you track attendance and post resource for HLW University courses?
32:50 Using Synthesis for HLW University’s Course Sign Up
33:40 Using Synthesis to Publish HLW University’s Course Materials
35:15 What are you hoping to do in the next two or three years with HLW University that you aren’t doing today?
36:25 What is the selection criteria for new Super Group members?
37:35 How many people are in each Super Group?
38:37 What advice would you give someone who is getting started on a Corporate University journey?

Next Office Hours on Thursday, April 21st

Registration is now open for the next KA Advance Office Hours on Thursday, April 21st at 11 AM PST

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