Office Hours Recap :: June 2016

Office Hours is 30-45 minutes of news, announcements, and Q+A with Susan and Chris. This month Chris talked us through our Synthesis Product Roadmap with demonstrations of new features along the way.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to 14:50 for a demo of Synthesis Search Optimization and 35:00 for the sharing related features that we’ve got on deck for Synthesis 5.3.

0:30 KA Connect 2016 Conference Videos Now Available
1:10 KA Connect 2017 :: Registration is Open
2:30 Fall 2016 Synthesis Workshop :: Registration is Open
4:00 New posts on the KA Advance LinkedIn Group
7:35 Product Roadmap Introduction
7:55 Knowledge Architecture’s Mission
10:10 Product Roadmap at a Glance
10:45 Synthesis 5.1.5 / Performance + Reliability
12:30 Synthesis 5.2 / Search Optimization
14:50 Demo of Synthesis Search Optimization
15:15 Introduction to Search Score
16:40 Introduction to Top Performing, Underperforming, and Zero Results Search Terms Results
17:10 Introduction to the Search Terms Tab
18:10 Sometimes the results are so informative that people don’t have click on anything, how does that impact the term’s score?
19:O0 Term Detail Page and the Difference Between a Session and a Search
23:00 Introduction to Best Bets
24:35 Introduction to the Testing Tab
26:30 Introduction to Synonyms
27:38 When setting up Preferred Terms and Synonyms, does it matter which term you put on the Preferred side v. the Synonym side?
30:10 Introduction to Benchmarking
32:10 Shout out to Drew Wiberg’s KA Connect 2016 talk “Building Knowledge Strategies with Search Data”
32:50 In Synthesis Search Optimization, can we see who initiated the search session?
34:15 When will Synthesis Search Optimization be available?
35:00 Synthesis 5.3 / Sharemageddon
40:50 When will 5.3 be available?
41:35 Synthesis 5.x / TBD

Next Office Hours on Thursday, July 21

Registration is now open for the next KA Advance Office Hours on Thursday, June 21st at 11 AM PST

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