Office Hours Recap :: July 2017

Office Hours is 45 minutes of news, stories, and Q+A with Susan, Chris, Zucu, and special guests from the KA Advance community.

This month’s Office Hours featured a Synthesis Spotlight with Rhonda Lewis and Petra Knochenhauer, information management and marketing leaders at Dewberry.

The Dewberry team has succeeded in:

  • Providing staff with excellent employee and project data
  • Engaging staff in continuous data improvement

Watch this recording to learn what they did, how they did it, and best practices that emerged through the process.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to two highlights:

  • Optimizing Employee Education and Credential Data (17:30)
  • “We’ve got to give someone a way to tell us if there is something wrong with the data.”(28:00)

1:45  Top Product Priorities
6:00  KA Connect 2018 Date & Early Registration
6:30  Synthesis Workshops Dates, Registration, and Survey
8:00  KA Advance LinkedIn Group Highlights
10:00  Introducing Sarah Davies
12:00  Introducing Petra, Rhonda, and Dewberry
16:30  Which data can we let our staff members maintain in Vision?
17:30  Optimizing Employee Education and Credential Data
21:10  Featuring Employee Publications and Published Content on Synthesis Employee Profiles
23:24  Who is entering employees published content data into Deltek?
25:30  Additional Employee Data: Supervisor and Floor Location
27:10  What prompted adding “Supervisor” to employee profile pages?
28:00  “We’ve got to give someone a way to tell us if there is something wrong with the data”
30:50  License and Certification Lookup with Directories
34:15  Project Page Overview
37:30  What is the criteria for which projects to feature on iD?
39:45  Who inputs project data, and when? How do you make sure it is captured at the right time?
42:45  How is project data maintained?
43:40  Do you manage so many headshots? Can employees update their own headshot in OpenAsset?
46:10  Project Directory Overview
47:30  Can projects be entered in more than one service line?
48:10  Supporting the KA Community
48:45  Using Hashtags to Communicate Vision News (#Vision and #VisionEnhancement)

Next Office Hours on Thursday, September 28th

Registration is now open for the next KA Advance Office Hours on Thursday, September 28th at 11 AM PST.

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