Office Hours Recap :: January 2017

Office Hours is 45 minutes of news, stories, and Q+A with Susan, Chris, Zucu, and special guests from the KA Advance community. This month’s Office Hours featured an intranet tour of Fuscoe Engineering’s Synthesis intranet, ARC.

Launching a Synthesis intranet in the fall of 2016 was an important milestone in Fuscoe’s knowledge management journey. Highlights of the new intranet include:

  • Analog Communities of Practice got a digital home
  • Disconnected and siloed key information about employees and projects is now accessible to all employees in a single system
  • Employees can now find fundamental information about how work is done at Fuscoe via a single, informative toolbox

In this webinar, Jeff and Brandon give a tour of Arc and share their insights on brand alignment and employee engagement. If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to two intranet tour highlights: Engineering CADD Standards (21:40) and #AskARC (38:45).

0:45 KA Connect 2017 Theme and Registration
3:10 Synthesis Workshop San Francisco and Knowledge Week Events
2:20 KA Advance LinkedIn Group Highlights
7:30 Welcome Jeff Stempson and Brandon Norton
8:00 Introduction to Fuscoe
9:50 How does the intranet fit into Fuscoe’s knowledge management journey?
12:20 Why “ARC”?
16:45 Overview of ARC’s communities
19:15 How did you identify community champions?
20:45 Tool Time Tuesday
21:40 Engineering CADD Standards
22:40 How do you announce Engineering CADD Standards with ARC?
24:00 Marketing Forms
25:40 How did you build the Name Plate order form?
26:50 How did you subscribe to the RSS feed?
29:20 Employee Directory
30:45 How did you decide which projects to include in your Project Directory for your go-live?
32:45 Why do you have colored rings around each employee’s headshot? How did you do it?
37:30 HR Announcements
38:45 #AskARC
40:30 Stormwater Community Content and Team
42:30 Was your site programming done in house?
43:20 What is custom CSS and how did you use it to brand ARC?
44:50 Do you preview CSS changes before your push them to ARC?
46:10 What is the workflow for #AskARC? Who does the tagging?
47:45 Do you use ARC for both standards and project document management?
49:10 What is featured in the Connect community?
51:25 What IT resources are on the Toolbox community?
52:40 What’s next for ARC?
54:10 Do you make much use of wiki pages?

Next Office Hours on Thursday, February 16th
Registration is now open for the next KA Advance Office Hours on Thursday, February 16th at 11 AM PST.

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