Streamline Your Operations with the Essential Content Checklist

Essential Content Checklist

Clients often ask us, “what content is essential to a successful intranet?”

Because we have built over 90 intranets for architecture, engineering, and construction firms over the last seven years using Synthesis, Knowledge Architecture is uniquely positioned to answer this question.

We find that this question typically arises when a firm is either:

  1. Preparing for the launch of a new intranet, or
  2. Conducting a content audit of an existing intranet

Both of these events provide an opportunity to step back and evaluate how your intranet can give employees what they need, when they need it. Our Essential Content Checklist will help you do just that.

What is Essential Content?

We designed the Essential Content Checklist to answer the question: “what intranet content will help streamline operations, thus saving time and creating a better employee experience?”

Essential Content comprises the policies, procedures, templates, forms, standards, documentation, how-tos, and FAQs you need to run your AEC firm. Your corporate operating system, if you will.

Essential Content is content that every employee should have access to, regardless of their role. The departments that manage essential content typically include marketing, human resources, finance/accounting, operations, and information technology.

By placing this content on the intranet, you streamline operations and empower employees to self-service.

Ready to Start Streamlining Operations?

#1: Decide Which Checklist to Use

Excel_Icon Essential Content Checklist: Intranet Implementation Edition
Excel_Icon Essential Content Checklist: Intranet Audit Edition

#2: Customize the List

The checklist represents a master list of content often found on AEC intranets. The list serves as a starting place. We chose the excel format, so you can easily add or delete rows, based on your firm’s unique needs.

#3: Start Executing

Intranet Implementation:
a) Migrate essential content to your new intranet.
b) Track updates in the Essential Content Checklist.

Intranet Audit:
a) Test the findability of the content on the checklist. Audit Tip: Enlist user(s) without deep knowledge of your intranet content to do some testing for best results.
b) Improve the essential content on your intranet.

#4: Don’t Do It Alone

Like all change initiatives, we recommend collaborating closely with your Intranet Sponsor, Community Managers, and end users, so the final product represents a shared vision that will best serve your firm.

Please feel free to contact us at if you are embarking on an audit. We’d love to talk through best practices that ensure your users have essential content at their fingertips.

Help Us Improve the Essential Content Checklist

Have an idea on how we could make the Essential Content Checklist better? I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me at

Happy streamlining!

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