Synthesis Spotlight: Internal Communications @ Shepley Bulfinch

Office Hours is 45 minutes of news, stories, and Q+A with Susan, Chris, Zucu, and special guests from the KA Advance community.

This month’s Office Hours features two key members of the Human Resources team at Shepley Bulfinch: Lauren Perdue, Vice President of Human Resources, and Sarah Sack, Human Resources Assistant.

Earlier this year Shepley Bulfinch’s HR team implemented a new process to ensure that the right posts get out at the right time. Now, employees count more than ever on the intranet for important (and fun!) information about opportunities and benefits available to them.

How did they do it? In this webinar, you’ll learn how Shepley Bulfinch’s HR team:

  • Builds their editorial calendar
  • Manages upcoming communications
  • Ensures consistent tone and voice across multiple authors

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to two highlights: Why Shepley Bulfinch Improved their Internal Communications Process (7:20) and HR’s Editorial Calendar & Process (12:45).

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