Office Hours Recap :: December 2016

Office Hours is 45 minutes of news, stories, and Q+A with Susan, Chris, Zucu, and special guests from the KA Advance community.

Last month’s Office Hours featured a tour of Dewberry’s Synthesis Intranet with Lisa Cochran.

Dewberry’s information and communications needs are as diverse as their organization—54 offices, 2000 employees, and over 60 business units. They launched ID, their Synthesis Intranet, at the beginning of 2015 and the business is so happy with it that the intranet team received an internal award of excellence. Yet their intranet only has 6 community sites. Watch the recording to learn how Lisa and the Dewberry team set priorities and managed complexity to keep their intranet simple and easy to use.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to 4:00 for information about KA Connect 2017’s theme and 18:45 for an overview of ID’s Home Page and Communities.

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