Synthesis 5 Resource Center

Synthesis 5 was our biggest release ever—introducing a redesigned search, renovated profiles, and several enhancements to the stream. In addition, Synthesis 5 is based on SharePoint 2013, which also brings along several new features and enhancements. Because of all of these changes, we have created several resources to help your firm successfully upgrade to Synthesis 5. This article brings them all together in one place.

Webinar Recording :: What’s New in Synthesis 5 and SharePoint 2013

Susan Strom, Chad Parsons, and Christopher Parsons led this webinar on June 25th, 2015, which introduces both Synthesis 5 and SharePoint 2013 in detail.

New KA Support Articles

What’s New in Synthesis 5 – A detailed overview of new features and product enhancements in Synthesis 5.

Search Overview + Documentation – Detailed documentation of the new Search Engine we introduced in Synthesis 5. If you are wondering what data sources Synthesis searches or how Synthesis ranks content in search results, this is the article for you.

Search Operators – Synthesis Search contains common Search Operators for manipulating and narrowing down search results such as wildcards, exact terms, and Boolean operators like AND, NOT, and OR.

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