Office Hours Recap :: January 2015

Office Hours is 30 minutes of news, announcements, and Q+A with Susan and Chris.

If you only have a few minutes, we recommend jumping to 1:10 for an introduction to this year’s KA Connect program and 12:45 for a preview of the new Share Extensions feature coming to Synthesis Mobile for iPhone.

January 2015 Topics

1:10 KA Connect Program Tour

6:00 Synthesis Workshop :: San Francisco 2015 Registration Information

7:45 KA Advance: Questions from the KA Advance LinkedIn Group

9:00 New Article: Manage Synthesis More Successfully with the Intranet Champion Checklist

12:45 Synthesis Mobile: Preview of the new Share Extensions feature for iPhone

15:15 Synthesis 5 Demo: Federated Search + Revamped Company, Contact, and Opportunity Profiles

20:25 Synthesis 5 News: More Profile Fields will be Searchable + New Option to Base Employee–Project Associations on Hours Billed to the Project

21:40 When will Synthesis 5 be released?

Next Office Hours on February 19

Registration is now open for the next KA Advance Office Hours on February 19th at 11 AM PST.

Manage Synthesis More Successfully with the Intranet Champion Checklist

Synthesis Intranet Champion Checklist
As your firm’s Intranet Champion, you’re relied upon to drive your Synthesis Intranet towards your firm’s vision for knowledge sharing and information management. Essentially, you’re tasked with understanding the big picture and translating it into a discrete set of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly activities to make it happen. We created this checklist to help you do just that.

The activities in each section are organized with the more fundamental activities at the top of the list and the more advanced activities towards the bottom. You might find that you begin by just doing one activity in each section and over time you layer on additional activities, or exchange one activity for another.

This checklist is neither exhaustive nor mandatory. It is, however, a great place to start building your own routine.

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