Office Hours Recap :: September 2014

Office Hours is 30 minutes of news, announcements, and Q+A with Susan and Chris.

If you only have a few minutes, we’d recommend jumping to 4:30 for information about the upcoming Synthesis Workshops and 13:00 for a sneak peek of Synthesis Mobile 3.

September 2014 Topics

1:00 KA Connect: Early Registration, Conference Theme, and Recently Published Clips

4:30 KA Advance: Synthesis Workshop Information

7:45 Deltek Insight 2014: Connecting with Knowledge Architecture and Synthesis Clients

9:55 Will recordings or slide decks from Synthesis Workshops be published?

11:30 KA Advance: Questions from the KA Advance LinkedIn Group

13:00 Product Preview: Synthesis Mobile 3

19:40 Is Synthesis Mobile compatible with iOS8?

19:45 Will the Synthesis Mobile stream show up as a “Share Option” in other apps?

21:00 When will Synthesis Mobile 3 for Android be available?

21:30 Product Preview: Synthesis 5 Search

26:15 What are hashtags and when do I use them?

30:30 What happens to hashtags in the stream if they are disabled in Stream Administration?

Next Office Hours on October 28th

Registration is now open for the next KA Advance Office Hours on October 28th at 11 PST.