Flat vs. Deep Intranet Hierarchy?

Are you subscribed to the Nielsen Norman Group e-mail list? If not, you should be. Nielsen Norman conducts research, produces content, and runs seminars in the areas of website, intranet, application, and product usability. They are top-notch.

Here’s a link to the mailing list: http://www.nngroup.com/articles/subscribe/

Last week, they sent out a really interesting article on website hierarchy, though I think most of this applies to intranets as well. Intranet hierarchy (or navigation) was a big topic at the KA Advance Synthesis Workshop in Boston a few weeks ago.

Susan is currently compiling examples of top navigation (aka top navigation or top link bar) and examples from Synthesis clients. If you are willing to let us include your intranet’s top navigation in a blog post or support article, please shoot us a note at advance@knowledge-architecture.com.