Introducing Connected Practice Workshops

Connected Practice Workshops combine short presentations, roundtable discussions, and social networking (the old-fashioned kind).

We share our latest research, product roadmaps, and sneak previews of our latest technology from the lab. Our clients share innovative digital and analog approaches to connecting their practices.

Connected Practice Workshops are limited to active clients of Knowledge Architecture.

Upcoming Workshops

San Francisco
October 25, 2012, 1-4 PM

November 15, 2012, 1-4 PM

San Francisco
May 9, 2013, 9-5 PM, Following KA Connect 2013

4 Ways to Connect with Knowledge Architecture at Deltek Insight 2012

Each year we look forward to connecting with our clients at Deltek Insight. Insight provides a great opportunity to learn about Deltek’s latest technology, share strategies and tactics for successful implementations, discuss ideas for building on the Deltek platform, and yes, to take in a show at the Grand Ole Opry.

Susan Strom and I will be representing Knowledge Architecture at Insight this year. Here are four ways you can connect with us and other Knowledge Architecture clients:

1) Attend Presentations by Knowledge Architecture Clients and Partners

PS-139: Breaking Down Walls Between IT and Other Operational Units
Tim Rice, IT Director, LMN Architects

In too many firms, an unnecessary and counterproductive barrier exists between IT and other operational departments such as business development, finance, and human resources. This session explores some of the ways LMN Architects avoids this pitfall by cultivating relationships through several iterations of a corporate Intranet including purpose built tools leveraging Vision data. The result — a greater dialog and cooperation between all groups. Join the discussion and share your successes.

PS-153: Embrace the Cube!
Nick Vlattas, Chief Operations Officer, Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company

In the recent economic downturn, design professionals faced the challenge of tightening all aspects of our business lines. From an operations perspective, we found that contract negotiation, project accounting and firm forecasting all need to be retooled in order to find success in the “new normal.” The use of data cubes, which does not require VPM, has significantly reduced the amount time preparing data for analysis and has allowed for a much deeper dive into what exactly our Vision data can tell us. New levels of truth about our firm’s performance are now available in a fraction of the time we used to spend on firm forecasting. Learn how capture deep value from your Deltek databases to position your firm on it’s path to success through the economic recovery and beyond.

PS-149: Build a Campfire Around Your Vision Data!
Amy Aponte, Principal, Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company

Several years into their Deltek Vision investment, Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company found they were spending a great deal of effort just trying to get people to engage with Vision. Learn how they changed their mental model about what could be realistically expected from busy architects — and instead of trying to lure people into the Deltek environment, they created a different environment, heavily powered by Vision, in which people are delighting in the sharing and stretching of information assets. See a vibrant community in which important data from opportunities, employee, projects and contact info centers are illuminated and partnered with images and data from other information management systems. Join the campfires of great conversation around their projects with Vision!

PS-239: DAM IT (Digital Asset Management) – Tips and Tricks of a Digital Asset Management System
Daniel Emmerson, CEO, Axomic

Do you want to manage your digital assets better? In today’s session, we are going to look at 5 critical factors you require in order to ensure your Digital Asset Management system implementation is successful. These include, how are you going to get your images into the system? How are you going to synchronize with Deltek Vision? How are you going to tag your images? How are you going to create Templates that make sense and finally how are you going to rollout to the rest of the firm? We will draw from real world cases of how people have successfully implemented DAM solutions and how they did it using these 5 steps.

2) Attend my Presentation

PS-111: How do we get people to share knowledge?
Christopher Parsons, Founder and CEO, Knowledge Architecture

“How do we get people to share?” This is a perennial question in architecture and engineering firms, whether you are talking about project managers sharing project information with marketing, partners sharing leads with each other, staff posting on the intranet, or leaders writing blog posts or tweeting on behalf of the firm. Knowledge Architecture has been researching this question for several years. In this presentation, we will share our findings on what the top performing firms do differently. We’ll address questions such as: What can top performers teach us about structuring and motivating knowledge and information management teams? How do top performing firms consistently generate more value by capturing more knowledge and information than their less effective peers? We hope you join us.

3) Stop by the Knowledge Architecture booth in the Expo Hall

Knowledge Architecture is a sponsor of Deltek Insight 2012. We’ll be at our booth in the Insight Expo Hall showing off our latest technology. Please come by and say hello.

4) Join us for Dinner and Drinks on Tuesday Night

Tuesday night has been designated by Deltek as “Free Night/Private Receptions.” We’re planning a client dinner for 7:30 PM. If you are interested in joining us, please RSVP here. We’ll be in touch once we finalize the details.